Juventus beats As Roma in the series league

Juventus beats As Roma in the series league

As Roma and Juventus F.C. currently sit atop the Italian Seria A league.

The two clubs have developed a strong rivalry budding from past success.

Juventus F.C. is in position to secure its sixth consecutive Serie A title while AS Roma is looking for its first since 2001.

As Roma finished second position with 87 points, four points behind Juventus who finished their campaign with 91 points on the series a league.

Roma crushed genoa 3-2 with the victory sending them directly to champion’s league.

Juventus F.C., also known as “Juve,” was founded on November 1, 1897 in Turin, Italy.

Since then, the club has dominated Italian football with a record 34 Serie A championships.

As Roma, founded in 1927, has won the Serie A three times, with the last coming in the 2000-01 season.


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