100M Litres Of Fuel Dock At Mombasa This Morning

Monica Juma, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, has informed Kenyans that the country is now adequately supplied with petroleum products.

Speaking at the Kipevu Oil Terminal after receiving a ship carrying 100 million gallons of super petrol, the Cabinet Secretary encouraged Kenyans to refrain from buying gasoline in a frenzy.

Over the previous two weeks, motorists throughout the country have had to suffer the burden of the fuel scarcity. Despite the fact that the government issued Kshs. 34.4 billion to settle outstanding arrears owing to gasoline marketers for the fuel subsidy scheme, which has been in effect since June of last year.

100M Litres Of Fuel Dock At Mombasa This Morning

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However, the situation at gas stations has not improved, with motorists still having difficulty obtaining the commodity. According to CS Juma, the administration is taking steps to rectify the problem.

They are advising Kenyans to shun the temptation of panic purchasing because the country has sufficient petroleum inventories.

The government plans to start the first oil dispatch test run at the new Kshs. 40 billion Kipevu Oil Terminal next week.