2 Suspects Arrested For Slaughtering And Selling Donkey Meat To Nairobi Residents

2 Suspects Arrested For Slaughtering And Selling Donkey Meat To Nairobi Residents

You are likely to be feastiing on donkey meat unknowingly in Nairobi & Kiambu counties. This is after detectives  yesterday arrested and took two suspects into custody yesterday after  discovering  over  30 fresh  donkey carcasses at a thicket in Ndeiya, Kiambu County. 

According to a statemement by the DCI, Elizabeth Wangeci, 32, and Patrick Muiruri, 29, were detained and two vehicles that were used to transport the flesh in gunny bags were seized. This came after a raid at the location of the slaughter, which was an open field hidden by a thicket in the village of Rwasumali. This is where the beast of burden is killed before moving on to butcher shops and meat markets spots in the city.

Donkey carcasses spread out in a thicket in Ndeiya, Kiambu County

After the animals were killed, the unscluprous traders remove the boneless  meat from the carcass  and sell it for a hefty price to meat eaters  in the city under the premise of beef  fillet and other boneless  chops. 

Donkey intestines, kidneys, and other internal organs are also packaged and sold to restaurants serving  the well-known roadside delicacies Mutura, supu, and matumbo, ensuring that no meat goes to waste. 

After several complaints from inhabitants of Limuru and its surroundings over the disappearance of  donkeys,investigators have since determined the stolen animals end up illegally slaughtered and find their way on the dinner tables of unfortunate  city dwellers. 

The two suspects are being processed for arraignment while being held in custody at the Ndeiya police  station.

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