Albinism in Kenya; Jack Mureithi’s struggle with albinism and casual emloyment

Cultural misconceptions associated with albinism remains a major cause of discrimination against people living with the condition. The script is not different for one Jack Mureithi, who despite his efforts of seeking a normal life by becoming a casual labourer in construction sites, keeps getting shunned by employers.Mureithi is a form three drop out and was trained as a leather shoe maker in polytechnic. But he chose a tougher menial job instead.

He was living with family members since childhood before deciding to be independent in 2010 because of the difficulties he was facing.

He says getting a job at any construction site is normally difficult as people despise him because of his skin colour.

But even with dedication at work, the job affects his health more than his coworkers.

Kevin Wafula who works with Mureithi terms him as a hard working man although he faces various challenges while at work.

Mureithi has been a victim of the hunt for albinos for witchcraft potions.
Apart from working at construction sites, Mureithi also repairs electronics on part time basis.