Gospel artist Bahati and his long time arch-rival Willy Paul are not new to controversies. The two youngsters have had their names drugged in the mud with the public even going as far as questioning their so called ‘salvation’. Bahati has been nicknamed a cry baby who seeks sympathy from his fans due to his over-sentimental songs while Willy Paul has been exposed numerous times as a play boy. This two have also been on-and-off beefing over a series of issues that never seem to end.

From allegations of trying to sabotage each others careers to Bahati accusing Willy Paul of stealing his song, the rivalry (or competition if you like) between these gentlemen gets interesting day by day. Skeptics of this situation however see all the accusations and allegations as publicity stunts. Willy Paul and Bahati seemed to have buried the hatchet during last year’s Groove Awards Nomination in KICC. A few months later, Bahati was back at it again claiming that Willy Paul had leaked a song they had done together.

Bahati was on Tonight Live with Dr. Ofweneke and he spoke about his situationship with Willy Paul. He also had a few witty shots fired at Willy Paul which makes it hard to ascertain whether or not these two are on each other’s good books. Bahati also explained why he decided to go silent, Groove Awards nominations and his friendship with decorated socialite Huddah Monroe. Watch his interview on Tonight Live with Dr. Ofweneke below:

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