Bar And Club Owners To Apply For New Licenses

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki has announced license renewal requirement for bar and club owners.

Prof. Kindiki made this statement during a press conference on Tuesday, June 12, 2023 in Meru County. He stressed the importance of this measure in ensuring compliance and tackling illegal alcohol challenges.

The CS emphasized the need for thorough evaluation during license renewal for bar and club owners. This evaluation will assess their adherence to safety standards, responsible alcohol service practices and compliance with relevant legal requirements.

Kindiki stressed that the government is committed to curbing the proliferation of illicit alcohol and protecting public health and safety. Through license renewal, authorities aim to eliminate establishments contributing to illegal alcohol.

Bar and club owners are advised to familiarize themselves with application requirements and ensure they meet all the necessary criteria.

“The fight against illicit alcohol started a long time ago, but because of the cartels who took control of the alcohol industry, it became difficult to eliminate dangerous and toxic drinks,” said Prof Kindiki.

He described the illicit alcohol network as influential agents bribing political leaders for protection. He further stated that due to the widespread corruption, the battle against illicit alcohol had become a challenging task.

“The cartels in the alcohol sector have deep roots, and in previous governments, they were shielded by political leaders,” he added

A rigorous operation is underway in Mount Kenya and Rift Valley regions, with Gachagua promising nationwide implementation..