Bensoul roasted online over remarks on Sauti Sol’s ksh20K tickets

Famous artist and lyricist Bensoul created a buzz on the internet over the weekend by sharing a tweet regarding the highly anticipated ‘Sol Fest’ scheduled for November. Following the online uproar caused by the Ksh. 20k VIP ticket prices, Bensoul expressed a confident stance, suggesting that individuals raising concerns about the high cost should take advantage of the extended time available for preparation and savings.

“Kama 20k ya kuona Sauti Sol inakushinda by November, you have a long way to go. Wacha wenye pesa waende,” he tweeted.

The ‘favorite song’ hitmaker proceeded to boast about the immense popularity of Sauti Sol, asserting that the event would achieve a full capacity attendance despite the concerns of some individuals who felt the tickets prices were too high.


“One thing I know for sure is we are going to sell out,” he added. 

Bensoul’s insensitive remarks did not sit well with many on Twitter as they lashed at him over his statements describing him to tame his pride.

One user @MudgeRulph posed the question, “Well I have just been reminded that the entrance fee for your last performance here in Frankfurt, Germany was costing 10 euros . Why is it much more expensive in Kenya?

Another user @kevinbett_ said, “20k for a show that is worth only 3,000. That aside, an artist should know that your fan base should be more important than money.”

Another tweeter user @rasvictoradu added, “Pride makes musicians lose more fans than the ticket sales …one day you’ll regret this tweet.”

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However, quite a number of netizens were quick to defend them, describing Sauti Sol as icons and legends in music industry both home and away.

User @SensationsKE wondered, “I find it funny that Kenyans would pay 20k for an Eminem/Jay Z/Lil Wayne concert but our very own Sauti Sol is where they draw the line.”

@ontyrrian commented, “Bensoul is right,it’s a free market economy,you get what you want. You can’t afford: go for a cheaper alternative.”

Towards the end of July, the renowned boy band Sauti Sol stirred up a minor puzzle when they revealed their plans for a pair of concert performances – one tailored for the affluent and another for those with fewer resources.


The introduction of the ‘VIP Show’ and ‘Fan Show’ left certain individuals perplexed, as they struggled to grasp the implications and pondered whether both segments of fans would be treated equally.