Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency Funai replacement

Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency Funai replacement

The Brazil indigenous affairs agency Funai currently been run by anthropologists is said to be replaced and controlled with the justice ministry.

The justice ministry panel says about 80 Funai officials should be prosecuted for backing illegal land claims by indigenous groups.The reform to happen would leave indigenous tribes unprotected as farmers are trying to move further into the Amazon rain forest.

They protested outside the Congress building in the capital Brasilia.Kaingang leader Francisco saying that the death of Funai people would be termed as sort of genocide.

Head of Funai Antonio Costa was sacked just days after an attack in where at least 10 indigenous people were hospitalized.

The Funai have been left powerless after more than 40% was cut of from their budget.Around 1% of the country’s population if the Funai people from different tribes living in Brazil.