Chiloba claims NASA leaders ‘had been trying’ to reach him privately

Ezra Chiloba claimed despite the protests against by NASA supporters, opposition leaders had been encouraging him to soldier on.

Chiloba also said NASA leaders led by Raila Odinga were trying to reach him in private through their aides. He also said some leaders from his Luhya community had been supportive and encouraging him to stay put.

He took a three-week leave on Thursday 19th October just days to the repeat election as NASA calls for his removal from office. Embattled IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba had now claimed that a section of National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders had been supportive to him and asking him to stay put.

Chiloba also revealed that some NASA leaders may have tried to reach out to him in private for talks through their aides.

The CEO cited two instances where individuals approached him saying NASA leaders had invited him for talks.

He told Nation that the first happened two days to September 20 when the Supreme Court was to deliver its full judgement on the annulment of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win.Chiloba said someone called him and said NASA leader Raila Odinga was expecting him in a meeting to have a private talk.

“Apparently, someone had organized a meeting between the two of us, which meeting I was never aware of and so I called him to tell him I had not planned any meeting but if he had any issues, we could discuss over the phone and we went through most of those issues around the minimum demands and the need for political commitment to ensure the election happens,” Chiloba said as quoted by the paper.

The minimum demands were put forward by NASA who also wanted Chiloba to be fired alongside other officials. The second incident, the Nation reports, happened two weeks when Chiloba was leaving the office at around 1.30 am.

He said he found a son of a former MP with a woman at the reception at Anniversary Towers. The son said a NASA principle was waiting for him in a certain location for talks. He declined.

He said the leaders believe he was one of their own and did not deserve to have his career destroyed at a young age.

“They privately pass messages for the CEO to stay and consider everything else as political,” said Mr Chiloba. They say, you stay. You are our own. There is nobody who is going to fight you. Let’s see how we will deal with our own affairs internally,” Chiloba told the paper.