Monday the country witnessed brutality by the members of the police against CORD supporters who were demonstrating to have IEBC commissioners out of the office.

The civil society organizations have condemned the police ferocity terming it unconstitutional and torture to members of the public who have the right to demonstrate.

Elsewhere, the Independent Police Oversight Authority IPOA has also criticized the manner in which the police tried to control the CORD demonstrators. IPOA argues that the police duty is to protect the public contrary to what was witnessed on Monday.

The police have also launched investigations in to the police incidents condemned the brutality meted on the protesters.
National Police spokesperson George Kinoti has said that any officer found culpable will face punitive measures.

An injured demonstrator struggles to regain his balance
An injured demonstrator struggles to regain his balance

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the Law Society of Kenya has said that police need to be trained how to efficiently and safely extract offenders from lawful protests without violating their rights and those of others.

LSK also says that officers who have violated the rights of citizens by their brutality must face both disciplinary processes.

Nonetheless, all have urged members of the public to hold demos responsibly. They also urged the CORD coalition to use the right channel to have IEBC commissioners removed from office.