It was a busy morning for the residents of Mathare one A estate in Nairobi as they run up and down in a hurry to salvage their belongings from condemned buildings that they have been living in for sometime.

It had to take the National Disaster Management Unit officers to convince some residents to move out of this building that has been marked for demolition. This is despite a seven days notice that was issued by Nairobi city governor Evans Kidero for people to move out of buildings declared unfit for habitation.
They say, what Kidero issued was a very short notice, the dangers they are exposed to not withstanding.

Few yards from this building, was a building that was going down.

People gathered there to get a glimpse of what was happening, with youth eagerly waiting to start harvesting the scrap metals.

Residents watch as a building is demolished in Nairobi
Residents watch as a building is demolished in Nairobi

It was the first building to have a date with the City County bulldozers in a demolition exercise that has commenced on Tuesday. The government has however said that the exercise will take long to be completed.

And for buildings on reparian land, the government emphasizes that they will not be spared even if they are in a good condition.

226 buildings will be demolished by the end of the exercise in Huruma, Zimmerman, South B, and Umoja among other areas.

Featured image courtesy of Reuters.