The demolition exercise that will see 204 houses demolished in Nairobi is set to kick off today. Huruma is one of the areas that will be highly affected because it has the highest number of buildings that have been condemned by the National Construction Authority.

Final preparations for Tuesday’s demolitions were underway for the better part of Monday in Huruma estate, an area that will be greatly affected by the demolitions.

Casual labourers have been salvaging timber and other building material with the owners of the condemned buildings unable to hide their pain because of the losses that they have incurred.

Bernard Wandera says that he had already resettled his mother and is hopeful that the apartment she was living in will not be demolished come tomorrow.

Residents say that since the Huruma tragedy occurred, cases of insecurity have increased in the area.

And even though rescue operations are currently over, tears are still welling in the eyes of the family members of some of the victims. Few meters from the collapsed building, Ebru Africa Television met Patrick Mutunga. He lives in Kitui and is a sad man. His son, daughter in law and their child are still missing up to date.

Suspected owners of the collapsed building in Huruma appear before the court of law
Suspected owners of the collapsed building in Huruma appear before the court of law

Arnold Gibendi is one of the people who were rescued from the collapsed building. He still doubts how the search and rescue operations were done. According to him, there might still be bodies which have been buried in the ground.

More than 70 people are still missing. Six buildings are set to go down by end of Tuesday in Huruma.