Disturbing Video Of Woman Being Violently Dragged By Alchemist Bar Bouncers Surfaces.

Disturbing Video Of Woman Being Violently Dragged By Alchemist Bar Bouncers Surfaces.

The Alchemist bar is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons after bouncers were caught on camera manhandling a woman.

In the video gone viral on social media that was allegedly recorded at the premises of the bar, a woman is being dragged on the ground at the entrance as other revellers watched in horror. It is unclear what had unfolded to rattle the bouncers to the extent of roughing up the victim.

The video was recorded by a patron who was enjoying herself in the joint when the incident unfolded. The tweep by the name Mwikali going by (@mwikaliiii) on twitter who recorded the video on Saturday night June 25 said the bouncers also roughed her up demanding that she deletes the footage.

Bouncers allegedly at the Alchemist Bar violently trying to get a woman out of the premise. Video Courtesy: Mwikali @mwikaliiii

“The bouncers didn’t stop there. At the end of the video, you can see some people realizing that I’ve been filming. In the moments after, two bouncers came upstairs and demanded that I delete the video. I refused and I asked if I could leave but they stood in front of me, and one of them tried to grab my arm. I told them not to touch me and that I wanted to leave. They stood in front of me and said they would get the manager first.

When the manager arrived, he asked what had happened. I explained the situation and he said I didn’t have to delete the video but he would check with what was going on downstairs and let me know.”

This incident comes just weeks after operations at the entertainment joint were suspended by Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu after alleged racial discrimination allegations were raised to the joint. A video had surfaced showing profiling of revellers entering the premise whereby they were separated according to race, black patrons queued in one line and members seeming to be of white or asian decent queued in a different line awaiting admission to the premise.

The suspension was however lifted when Emmanuel Murgor,the man who shared the footage online acknowledged that the clip shared was misleading to the public and was not representative of what happened that evening and what the establishment stood for.