Ekuru Aokot Ready For Another Race

Ekuru Aokot Ready For Another Race

Third way alliance presidential candidate, Ekuru Aukot, has confirmed that he will be participating in the fresh presidential poll, after the supreme court of Kenya on Friday, annulled president Uhuru Kenyatta’s win last month on accounts that the process was not conducted as the constitution dictates. Aukot further condemned President Kenyatta’s’ remarks following the judiciary’s ruling to nullify the presidential election.


Thirdway alliance has openly welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling that the presidential election should be done afresh.


Addressing the press on Sunday, Ekuru Aukot castigated president Uhuru’s scathing attack on the judiciary especially on chief justice David Maraga for the ruling.


At the same time Aukot argued that he has opted to take part in the freshly-ordered elections because the court was very clear on ordering IEBC to conduct another poll and therefore not a re-run.



Welcoming the courts’ judgment Aukot further called for the resignation of IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati, chief executive Ezra Chiloba and other directors


He also called for auditing of the Kenya integrated election management system (KIEMS).



NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has equally agitated for the installation of a new team



The Thirdway alliance finally stated that they were ready to run in the election repeat


On Friday the supreme court cancelled the re-election of president Uhuru Kenyatta and  ordered a repeat of the presidential race within 60 days.