Fuel prices go up in towns across Kenya

Consumers will now have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy petroleum products. The cost for a litre of super petrol, diesel and kerosene have gone up by the largest margin this year. The new fuel prices are expected to take effect from midnight after the monthly price review by the regulator, the Energy Regulatory Commission. This increase in fuel prices comes at a time when Kenyans are complaining of the soaring cost of living.
In this month review, ERC factored 6 shs per litre in additional road maintenance levy for both super petrol and diesel in line with the new taxation measures 2016.

In Nairobi, petrol, diesel and kerosene will retail at no less than 92, 83 and 61 shs respectively.

In Mombasa prices will average at 89, 79 and 58 for every litre of petrol, diesel and kerosene

The pain gets more in other towns. For Kisumu residents and their environs they will be expected to pay as high as 94, 85, and 63 for every litre of the product.

The introduction of excise duty on kerosene and the freshly implemented road maintenance levy have been cited as the two components that led to this increment. The levy is meant to augment funding for this financial year’s 2.1 trillion budget.