Gachagua To KRA: Create A Friendly Tax Regime

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during a Past Event//Courtesy

Gachagua has sent a message to the KRA, urging them to look after the country’s taxpayers and seek more cordial and dignified methods of collecting taxes rather than harassing business owners and shutting down their businesses and accounts.

Speaking during a meeting with the Kenya Association Manufacturers at Movenpick hotel in Nairobi on Friday, The Deputy President likened a tax payer to a dairy cow stating that taxpayers have to be treated well and avoid being frustrated to allow them perform their duty of paying taxes to the government, an exercise that is beneficial for the wellbeing of the country.

“Tax payers are your dairy cow, for a cow to produce milk you have to be very nice to the cow so that it can produce milk and the same applies to tax payers,” he said.

Gachagua further said that KRA is fond of using force and taking drastic measures against tax payers and that they need to change their ways.

“The issue of closing down factories for tax payers who are suffering is a thing of the past because it is foolish. The issue of tax notices and agent notices where you close accounts say for 6 months and people cannot do business, where do you collect tax the following year?” he posed.

Addressing the issue of drought that has resulted to food crisis in the country, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua said the country cannot continue to rely too heavily on rain for agricultural production. He said it is time the country devised alternative methods of food production that are not affected by weather patterns such as irrigation, as envisioned in their manifesto.

“We must no longer rely on rain-fed agriculture amid a stretch of climate change and other calamities like locust invasions. We have a clear strategy drawn from our manifesto on revolutionizing and modernizing agriculture,” he said.

He further stated that He stated that the Kenya Kwanza administration has set a lot of potential in smart agriculture, empowering the sector to produce more billionaires.

“There is no reason the manufactures cannot invest in the sector; indeed, the next Kenyan billionaires will be from the agricultural sector. In addition, we are keen to enhance value addition for agricultural produce in line with commitment of tapping into manufacturing to reduce the minimum importation for consumption.” He said.

Gachagua stated that the move will reduce reliance on foreign markets, which are prone to manipulation.

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