Hassan Wario disbands NOCK over mismanagement allegations

Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario has disbanded the National Olympic Committee of Kenya and transferred its duties to Sports Kenya. This comes following complaints of mistreatment of the Kenyan athletes at Rio de Janeiro during the just concluded Olympics games.In a media briefing Thursday, Wario transferred responsibilities of National Olympic Committee of Kenya (Nock) to Sports Kenya.

Sports Kenya has been given the mandate to among other things, set up a calender for the elections of new committee members.

Wario cautioned all sporting federations to put their act together in terms of managing the athletes.

The Sports CS distanced himself from the mess at Rio that brought shame to the country during the games saying the Olympics Committee was to blame since it had the mandate of making logistical plans for the team.

Wario is among several sports officials who have recorded statements with the Department of Criminal investigations in relation to the mistreatment of the Kenyan team in Rio.