‘He Received Billions to Support Uhuru’ Tuju Reveals How Ruto Was Paid To Support Uhuru

  • Raphael Tuju explains details of the negotiated deal between President Kenyatta and DP Ruto
  • Raphael Tuju, former Jubilee Secretary General, claims that Deputy President William Ruto negotiated monetary demands before agreeing to support President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013

With only a few days to the August general elections, politicians are going on to hunt for votes in every corner of the country, and former Jubilee Party secretary general now claims that the Mount Kenya region owes the deputy president, William Ruto, nothing.

Azimio Executive Director Raphael Tuju explained how Deputy President William Ruto was paid billions in 2013 to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s race to State House.

Raphael Tuju addresses a past event.
Source: Facebook

While appearing on JKLive on Wednesday, July 27, Tuju disclosed that the funds were contributed by well-wishers as well as supporters of the Head of State.

Tuju went ahead to reveal that Uhuru Kenyatta bought William Ruto’s support in 2013 and it costed him billions of shillings, apart from the billions Uhuru gave William Ruto, William also demanded half of the cabinet appointments as part of the agreement and that was the end of the agreement.

 “Let the people of Mount Kenya not think that Ruto supported Uhuru willingly in the first place, this is a person of blackmail. He was paid. I can confirm before a court of law how it went,” Tuju said in his earlier statement, in a Wednesday interview with Inooro FM.

“He came with conditions that had to be met in order for him to back Uhuru. To him, politics is a business. That is why when he was making appointments in the cabinets and parastatals, he had to be given a 50% share which he then gave to his people and his friends.”

He also stated that some of the funds were paid in advance, while the remainder was made in the form of powerful Ministries that would be overseen by Ruto’s allies.

“Many supporters of President Uhuru went out of their way to collect this money and bring Ruto on board.” Your guess is as good as mine for a man who says Ksh7 billion only, but it was in the billions.

Tuju claimed that he has enough evidence to support his claims and that he can table them any time if called upon to do so.