Let us be honest. The process of losing weight is very difficult and strenuous. Most people who set out on this journey barely reach half way and it is understandable. Sometimes you look at the treadmill and other gym equipment and feel like they were invented to make people’s lives miserable.

As much as eating healthy is important, it is not something that weight watchers enjoy.

Some of these healthy food stuffs taste like fermented herbs, others taste like they expired seven years ago and some have no taste. People who have set out on this journey sometimes face the challenge of staying motivated to accomplish their goals.

Below are seven tips that will help you to stay motivated as you carry on with your weight loss/fitness journey.

  1. Build a plan and set goals. This is the most important tip. Create a schedule and ensure you have adequate time for working out. Also, set weekly and monthly goals that will guide you on how and when to work out. Make sure your calendar and schedule do not clash. Ensure that you are mightily organized in such a way that your meetings and social activities do not collide with the time you set aside for working out. If you constantly have chores to do when it is time to work out, you will never accomplish your working out goals. Be organized and ensure you stick to your plan and schedule.
  2. Keep track of your achievements. Whether big or small, record your victories. Every time you lose half a kilogram, put it down as an accomplishment. It is the small things that will keep you motivated. If you go one week without eating junk food, celebrate this achievement and push harder so that you stay another week or two without eating any junk. Be your biggest cheerleader and pat yourself on the back anytime you conquer a challenge.

    Keep celebrating even your smallest achievements
    Keep celebrating even your smallest achievements
  3. Spruce up the healthy meals. It is common knowledge that some vegetables do not have a pleasant taste. Sometimes, people quit their fitness journey because the food you are required to eat are not appealing to the eyes and the taste buds. You can however do your proper research and come up with ways to make food look and taste delicious. Food that is well presented is a motivation. You can prepare your salad to look like a gourmet meal. Who says eating healthy has to be boring? Have fun with the healthy foods!
    Mango and Pineapple with Spinach salad
    Mango and Pineapple with Spinach salad

    Who said vegetables have to be dull, doesn’t this look delicious?
  4. Get competitive. Being competitive does not mean jealousy; be that as it may, a little jealousy is a good dose of motivation. In some cases, it is competition that keeps people motivated to carry on. If your family members pay you little to no attention, but your cousin with the fit body is the subject of everyone’s envy, you are allowed to be a little envious and work so hard that in the next family reunion everyone will be forced to pick their jaws off the floor when you walk in.
  5. Get company that will help you in the journey. Struggling alone, whether in business or working out can get you demotivated.
    Jogging inn a group makes it more exciting and fun
    Jogging in a group makes it more exciting and fun

    Sometimes all you need is a good crew that will keep you on the move. We all need someone to pick us up when we have our low moments. That is where your running mates and working out partners come in. It is however important to ensure that your mates will not derail you so be careful when picking your working out partners.

  6.  Take criticism positively. For some people, having individuals in their lives that give them the harsh truth actually works as adequate motivation.
    All you need is a trainer that will not give in to your tantrums
    All you need is a trainer that will not give in to your tantrums

    We all need that aunt, friend or personal trainer who will call us out when we are on the wrong track. Also, get a trainer who will not be soft on you. Get someone who will not give in to your tantrums and wails and will always set you on the right track.

  7. Clean out your closet. Go shopping for clothes that are your target size. This is a good motivation as anytime you open the closet, your size 14 dresses will be replaced by size 8 outfits that are to die for. Also, buy gorgeous gym/working out outfits. This will give you enough reasons and motivation to go the gym, even if it is just to flaunt your new outfits.

    Keep your outfits hot and attractive.
    Keep your outfits hot and attractive.








Weight loss is a journey. You need to learn to be patient. There is no guaranteed over night success when it comes to working out.

It takes months and in some cases years. Also makes sure you are losing weight for all the right reasons. Learn to love yourself. Keep at it, keep it moving and it will all be worth it when you get your dream body.

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