“Hunipei off days” House help tells her boss she is the reason for snatching her husband

  • Agnes, a Kenyan house help, went all out on her boss, Cecelia, claiming she was the reason she was snatching her husband
  • Agnes blames Cecelia for her actions since she claims she has never been given off days
  • At the end of their conversation, Cecelia and Agnes were contemplating if they could give their employer-employee relationship another chance

A Kenyan house help, Grace, on the popular Closure Show, aired on Ebru TV, blamed her boss, Cecelia, for being the reason why she snatched her husband.

Cecelia and Agnes Photo: Ebru TV.

Agnes who seemed unapologetic for her actions said she had to sleep with her boss’s husband because the madam of the house didn’t give her any off days. Cecelia, her boss, on the other hand, claims to have compensated for this by giving Agnes extra cash.

The conversation heated up as seen in the video when Agnes told her boss to the face that her husband fell in love with her since she was slim.

“Bwana yako anapenda madem slim, amekuambia mara ngapi uende kwa gym(Your husband loves slim ladies, how often has he told you to go to the gym)?”, she asked.

Nilikuokota kwa streets nikakuosha ndio ufanane mtu (I picked you from the streets and changed you)”, she answered. Cecilia was polite enough to tell her, that it was because of her that she was attractive enough to seduce the husband.

She also stated that ‘their’ husband would compare her to the boss saying the wife didn’t know how to cook.   

The house help didn’t stop at this, she disclosed to her boss that ‘their’ husband had bought her land and the title deed had her name on it and that soon they will be building a house.

This prompted her boss to shed tears as she recalled how difficult it was to build up her ten years of marriage.

The boss got fed up and told Agnes she cannot argue with her since she is learned and had manners.

“Ni hiyo masomo tu ndio unanishindia, bwana yako amenipenda bila masomo( You only surpass me on education but your husband is in love with me even if I’m not educated)”, Agnes was rude enough to put her off.

Berryl Shiyenzi