I am not Apologising; Kuria adamantly refuses to apologise for his attacks on the media

Trade CS Moses Kuria has maintained his stance of not offering an apology for his recent derogatory comments towards the media.

In his remarks on Wednesday, Kuria emphasized that he possesses prior experience working in the media industry and even owning a media outlet. He asserted that this background enables him to discern when a media organization is being manipulated or misused.

“I am not apologising. My friend, I have been a media owner before. I have been a writer in your newspapers and all that before. There’s nobody who is pro-media more than me but I know the difference between media and what Stanley Baldwin called the Prerogative of the Harlot, the exercise of power without responsibility,” Kuria said.

The CS made his comments shortly after his appearance in front of the Senate plenary, where he was questioned by senators regarding the raised concerns.

Over the past few days, Kuria has been making headlines due to his criticisms and attacks directed at the Nation Media Group.

The series of attacks commenced on Sunday during a church gathering where Kuria he threatened to dismiss any government official who chooses to advertise with the media house, (NMG). He leveled accusations against the media house, alleging that it actively promotes negative narratives about the government.

Kuria’s angry reaction came after NTV released a report alleging that Cabinet Secretaries were to blame for the decrease in the cost of edible oils. The purported action allegedly resulted in an estimated loss of approximately Sh5.6 billion for the taxpayers.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has taken action by submitting a notice of motion to censure Kuria in response to his statements.

“Concerned that the CS for Investment, Trade and Industry whose reckless tongue has now reached an unmatched level of infamy, and whose divisive, abusive and demeaning rhetoric continues to cause consternation,” reads part of the motion.

Sifuna is urging the Senate to determine that Kuria is unsuitable for public office, emphasizing that he should not hold the prestigious position of a Cabinet Secretary.

A segment of social media users and the opposition have also demanded Kuria’s resignation from the cabinet.