The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission may have appeared before the National Assembly Legal Affairs Committee to discuss their budget allocation and a present a report by the public accounts committee but the weighty issues surrounding CORD’s anti-IEBC demos, that left many people injured and rendered business in the capital paralyzed, took centre stage.

Legal affairs committee chairman Samuel Chepkonga, unable to control members of the committee, was forced to adjourn the committee sitting for more than hour to restore order.

And once they were back, the question on whether the commissioners should bow to pressure by the opposition cord and resign or whether they should stay in office until constitutionally disbanded, remained the main point focus. Support and critism expressed in equal measure.

The commission represented by the chairman and CEO Ezra Chiloba maintains that CORD’s way of disbanding the commission is unconstitutional. Isaack Hassan says that resigning is tantamount to pleading guilty to allegations leveled against them by the opposition.

The IEBC Chairman says allowing CORD to disband an independent commission through demonstrations will set a bad presidency for subsequent tenure holders at the commission.

The committee through their chair Samuel Chepkonga however urged the commission to consider dialogue with the committee (opposition) in order to come up with the best solution for Kenya.

This comes amid intensified CORD’s demonstrations that saw supporters engage in running battles with police Monday leaving one dead and others injured.

The opposition maintains they will not go to the next general election with the current electoral body which they term as partisan.