International Football Association Board announces new laws for the premier league season

A number of new laws will come into force for the first time in the Premier League when the 2016/2017 season kicks off on August 13th. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) announced more than 95 alterations to the laws of the game last season after 18 months of consultation with many of the changes trialed at Euro 2016.

As it happened at the Euro 2016, the ball no longer has to go forward at kick-off.
The previous law stated the ball had to go into the opposition half at the restart, but it has been changed to allow it to move in any direction, as long as it “clearly moves”.
This change has paved the way for one-man kick-offs.

Referees will be able to give a player a red card before the match kicks off. This allows officials to punish red-card offences- such as violent conduct- in the warm-up or as the two teams line-up in the tunnel.

The new law states a player may be sent off any time between the pre-match inspection and when the referee leaves the field at the end of the game.

If a player is fouled and hurt by an opponent who subsequently receives a yellow or red card for the challenge, the injured player may be quickly treated on the pitch without the need to leave the field of play.

The law also states the halfway line is neutral, meaning a player must have part of the body- excluding arms or hands- in the opponents’ half to be flagged offside.

In an effort to stop referees brandishing yellow cards for every handball, preventing an opponent gaining possession has been removed from the list of bookable offences.

Handball is now a yellow card offence when it stops or interferes with a promising attack.

Featured image courtesy of AP.