John Kameta faults Olympic Committee for not responding to needs of boxers

There was a bitter exchange of words between two officials of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) and the Boxing Association of Kenya (BAK) when the three man Kenya boxing team who are set to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic games in Brazil were receiving their part of the training kit at the Madison Square Garden in Nakuru.NOC-K officials James Chacha and Anne Njambi had a rough time to explain to the boxers and the BAK officials why they were delivering the kits in piecemeal. The boxers received a pair of training shoes, four T-shirt and five cartons of Lucozade drinks while their six sparring partners received T-shirts.

Boxing association of Kenya President John Kameta blamed NOC-K for not responding to the boxers team complaints even after they had written letters last two week.

The NOC – K duo did not provide the team with crucial items such as head gears, gloves and skipping ropes and track suites which BAK president John Kameta referred to as neglecting the team. He added that lack of training kits might slow down their preparations thereby jeopardizing performance in Rio.

Kameta demanded that the team be provided with an additional coach and a team manager as per the international boxing association ( AIBA) requirements.

Chacha said that NOC- K was following the quarter allocation of officials as laid down by International Olympic Committee and no boxer will be dropped.

Earlier, there were issues concerning the team when they were thrown out of a hotel which they were camping during the training. Chacha said that these were baseless rumours which created a lot of panic.