Jomvu Residents Decry Poor State Of Roads Affecting Their Livelihood

Jomvu Residents Decry Poor State Of Roads Affecting Their Livelihood

Residents of Jitoni village in Jomvu Constituency in Mombasa County are outraged over the state of the road networks. The local leaders and residents protested the poor condition of the roads in the area, which was affecting their lives and businesses.

Local traders complained that the poor roads had negatively affected their small businesses, particularly during the Rainy seasons when they are left to count losses.

They said the 12 km Jomvu-Kuu-Jitoni-Rabai road’s bitumen standard construction has stalled in the Jitoni area and its deplorable state has taken a toll on residents and local traders who can no longer do business or move effectively.


”These roads in this area are really causing us problems. We are finding it more difficult because we have to spend more money on transportation when we move from one place to another. The situation worsens when it is rainy,” said one resident.

The Area Member of Parliament Badi Twalib joined the residents in saying they could not understand why both the County and National Governments had failed to fix the road network.

”It is really regrettable that people relocated their businesses to make room for the building of this road and that nothing has been done since then,” he said

According to Twalib, the route connects the interior of Jomvu to places like Mazeras and Rabai and was formerly known as the Mombasa-Nairobi Road.

“We are giving them a two-week ultimatum to complete the road failure to which we will block it and the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway,” the law maker said.

The protesters and road users warned that if nothing is done to mobilize the contractor managing the project back on site, their actions will snowball into blocking the road to motorists.

The Bitumen Standard Of The 12 Km Jomvu-Kuu-Jitoni- Rabai Road launched by President William Ruto when he was the Deputy President on March 16, 2018, was meant to link the interior parts of Jomvu Constituency to Rabai Constituency without having to drive to Mazeras.

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