Kenya yet to make steps on ICC withdrawal bid

The ultimate decision on whether Kenya will withdraw from the International Criminal Court is yet to be reached. This is according to Statehouse Spokeperson Manoah Esipisu who pointed out that the cabinet will decide on the ICC withdrawal fate.Speaking at Statehouse Nairobi, Esipisu stated that Kenya is yet to take any position in the bid to withdraw from the Rome Statute.

He said a bill seeking to have Kenya pull out of the Statute is already in the National Assembly but the process will begin after deliberation by the executive and advice by the Attorney General

He argued that the process is pending at the moment.

Burundi and South Africa have already signed documents to the effect of withdrawing from the Hague-based court, saying it targets African leaders.

South Africa became the second African country to announce plans to leave the International Criminal Court on friday, a decision that campaigners for International Justice say could lead to a devastating exodus from the embattled institution.

The move came just three days after Burundi’s president signed a decree making his country the first to withdraw from the court, which had planned to investigate political violence that followed the president’s decision last year to pursue a third term.

Several African leaders and other critics say the Court tasked with prosecuting war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide has disproportionately focused on Africa.