Kenya’s Olympics team to be screened for Zika Virus before and after the games

Kenya’s Olympics-bound athletes and team officials will be screened for the Zika virus before they leave for Brazil and when they return. Health Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri says this is a precautionary measure that will help prevent any inadvertent introduction and spread of the disease.
The Health PS said all 150 representatives would be subjected to pre and post-games laboratory tests for the mosquito-borne Zika virus that is currently being reported by various countries among them Brazil.

Although the host nation has taken steps to ensure that the disease is kept at bay Muraguri explained that it was necessary to set up early detection systems so as to capture any infection in time given that the team will be in Rio for about one month.
Zika virus is primarily transmitted through an infected Aedes mosquito but it can also spread through sexual contact with an infected man and from a pregnant infected mother to her unborn child.

The Centre for Virus Research at Kenya Medical Research Institute would test the team for the disease which has two lineages: The African and Asian lineages.

Story by: Davis Mberia

Published and uploaded by Linda Osoo