KRA rolls out Pre-arrivial cargo clearance system to speed up cargo movement

Kenya Revenue Authority has begun the roll out of the Pre-arrival Cargo Clearance system (PVOC) aimed at speeding up the movement of cargo from the port of Mombasa to intended destinations, to ensure timely delivery of raw materials and other goods, including essential supplies to the market. Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner General Mr. John Njiraini described the move as an important step in the authority’s quest to continuously make Mombasa port more attractive and reduce the cost of doing business for investors.

The move will allow the residents of Kenya and the region to eventually enjoy lower costs of living, as timely delivery of raw materials enables firms to lower their costs of production and pass the benefits to the consumers. The commissioner general said KRA is committed to the implementation of the 2014 port charter that requires 70% of cargo imported through the port of Mombasa to be cleared under the pre-arrival cargo clearance system by 2017. The port of Mombasa is set to become a herb of shipping trans-shipment following the decision by KRA to shelve trans-shipment bonds and allow shipping lines to lodge their own entries.