There is nothing easy about parenting. We need to cut parents out here some slack. Most of the time when children misbehave at school or in the mall people shoot daggers at the parents like it is their fault the kids are not disciplined. These parents give their all when disciplining the kids. No mother or father wants their kids growing up to be disrespectful, rude and the bosses of tantrum throwing. Having got that out of the way, we must admit that some parents are too soft on their kids. Kids these days are getting away with being bullies and plain nasty. It is hard to be a parent but maybe these tips will come in handy when you need a hand in parenting.

Let us start with the fact that parents need to take charge. As a parent, your children must recognize the fact that you are first and foremost a parent then a friend. This way, your kids will know where to draw the line when addressing you. If you do not draw the line, you will create a leeway for your kids to be disrespectful to you. If the kids do not respect you, it goes without saying that they will not respect any one else.

Make your children appreciate and accept correction
Make your children appreciate and accept correction

Discipline kids in a way that shows you are correcting them rather than punishing them. Wrong doings need to be punished sometimes but the best way to go about it is taking the correction approach. By so doing, the child will understand why what they did is considered wrong and why they had to be disciplined and maybe punished.

Be your child’s biggest cheerleader. If your child knows he/she can go home to a parent who listens, understands, encourages and supports their dreams and ambitions, he/she will be less likely to turn to peer pressure. Anytime your child has an event, has a project or is taking on something that may be too tasking for them, your presence and support will go a long way in helping him/her accomplish what she wants. The importance of being supportive to your child can never be over emphasized.

Your kids need to know that you are always there for them
Your kids need to know that you are always there for them so be their biggest cheerleader.

Do not try to fix everything. You might be a super hero in the innocent eyes of your child, but in real life you are far from being one. You cannot handle everything, you cannot fix all broken things, you do not have a solution to all problems under the sun, and it is okay. No body expects you to be everything, every time. It is important to also let your children see that you do not have all the answers. This way, they will learn that is it absolutely normal and okay to fail sometimes or not have a solution for everything.

Tell the truth, always. This should be self explanatory. There is no gain in telling lies to your kids or in front of your kids. No body likes a liar and no body wants their children to grow up to be liars. We need to be a society that upholds truth and honesty in the highest pedestal. It starts with what we tell and show the kids about truthfulness.

Read with your children. This way you encourage your kids to adopt the reading habit. Reading improves the child’s command of languages and develops their vocabulary.

Reading together with your children lets you spend adequate time with them
Reading together with your children lets you spend adequate time with them

Plus reading with your kids ensures you spend adequate time with them.

Nobody says you have to be the perfect parent because perfect people do not exist. But trying to give your all to the kids while setting a good example for them will leave a positive mark on them and the society as a whole, forever.


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