Ministry creates portable workstations

Ministry creates portable workstations

Huduma centers have been set to go mobile in the country, so as to ensure Kenyans are reached with consistent frequency, dubbed through huduma Mashinani. The government rolling out 45 huduma centers, which are now available in 41 counties.

According to Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, the ministry plans to procure specialized trucks fitted with facilities to create portable workstations under the initiative dubbed Huduma Mashinani.

This however, would enable the ministry to extend services from the current physical locations to the grassroots.

The Government has rolled out 45 Huduma Centers now available in 41 counties in the past three years.

This is inclusive of the second phase of the programme that includes the online e-Huduma portal, to provide integrated government services 24 hours a day online.


All established Huduma Centers have piloted the programme by conducting at least two Huduma Mashinani outreach programmes a month, to ensure more Kenyans are reached with consistent frequency.

The ministry also plans to set up a virtual presence via a mobile phone platform dubbed M-Huduma.