Mixed fortunes witnessed in the coffee farming sector

Mixed fortunes witnessed in the coffee farming sector

In the past, coffee was a high Forex income earner for Kenya. But the in the 90’s,fortunes began dwindling when farmers began neglecting the practice due to what it is said as mismanagement in the sector and that is the same script as witnessed in western Kenya.

In the hilly regions of western Kenya, coffee plantations such as this were fertile giving good returns to farmers but as of now, things are different. According to Eliud, a coffee farmer in the 1970’s, he insists thing are different now.

Bad management practice in the country is seen as the beginning of the dwindling of coffee farming. Theft and conmen in the within the cooperatives has also been blamed as a reason behind the sector’s crumble on its knees

People working in coffee farms have however been called upon to ensure coffee farming is back to its glorious days by the county government. Seventy percent of coffee farmed in the country is by small scale farmers who total to 150,000 with over six million Kenyans have been directly or indirectly employed in the sector.

In the country, areas such as Mount Kenya region, Bungoma, Kisii, Nakuru and Kericho have been placed under coffee farming.