Mutahi Ngunyi: Excess money paid to my company returned to NYS

Controversial Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi appeared before the Nicholas Ngumbo led National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee and was at pains to explain the role of his company in restructuring NYS at height of scandals that rocked the service. Of major concern was the excess of 12.5 million transferred to his Consulting House Limited and why it took the flagging off the Auditior General’s report to realize that his company held monies from a public entity illegally.

In his defense however Mutahi, who swore using his ‘moms Bible’, claimed that his company had billed a client with an equivalent amount of money.

Ngunyi further says the excess payments have already been wired back to NYS through the Central Bank of Kenya.
Also a pertinent issue during the session was the Josephine Kabura affidavit which he trashed maintaining that was a malicious scam.

The Gumbo- led committee was also curious to find out how why he was given the contract to rebrand the NYS yet his company was still new in the market.

Further revelations by Mutahi Ngunyi indicate the high level of corruption that marred the NYS and the now regrouping of cartels that had been flushed out during rebranding.

In his five fold vision the consulting house limited is said to have been paid 90 million that is 0.05% of the entire project which he says was a fair quotation.

Mutahi Ngunyi is the latest to appear before the PAC committee to shed light on the NYS scandal this comes barely a week after former radio presenter Angela Agwenyi appeared before the committee after her company out of the box solutions was implicated in the saga.