Orengo’s answers to Uhuru

Orengo’s answers to Uhuru

The detailed judgement by the David Maraga led supreme court has triggered another debate concerning the possibility of a constitutional crisis.

Conducting of the repeat presidential poll being key in averting the crisis. Hard stance from the opposing jubilee and Nasa sides may however stall the process.

The 60 days within which the repeat presidential poll should be conducted are rolling by the day.

Jubilee and Nasa sides’ commitment and goodwill remain key to making the process that is holding the country at ransom a success.

The IEBC that has the solemn mandate of overseeing the process is also entangled as it has been accused by the opposition of having an illicit affair with the opposition despite the Supreme Court clearing it of any wrongdoing in the bungled elections.

With 27 days to the 17th of October, the opposition still holds key changes are urgently needed at the electoral body before they can take part in the exercise and even called on the intervention of the director of public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko.

Orengo who is the NASA lead counsel argues that should the elections not be held in the stipulated time frame then the country stares at a constitutional crisis. President Uhuru Kenyatta holds contradicting stand.


Opposition leader Raila Odinga and his troops have in the recent days vowed not participate in the presidential election should their demands not be addressed top on the agenda the IEBC CEO Ezra chiloba and 11 other officials exclusion from the team that will oversee the exercise but president Kenyatta chides the stand.


Orengo says should the 60 days elapse without the election being held then the president will cease being the holder of the office and a caretaker president assumes office.

He however holds the same opinion that the standoff can only be resolved through an election.