Persons Living With Disabilities Want The Government To Intervene And Support Them

Persons Living With Disabilities Want The Government To Intervene And Support Them

People living with disabilities in Malindi sub county, Kilifi County, have accused the government for alleged biasness in service delivery in the county. They pointed fingers to the county government for neglecting them. Some say that they have been thrown out by their family members for having disabled children and other disowned by their husbands.

At this village in Malindi sub-county in killifi county, we meet dozens of people living with disability, probably coming together so that they feel whole again and at least share an advice or two to each other. We meet Mbithe Muema who is as mother of a 15 year old child who is disabled and she narrates to us how it has been difficult taking care of the child with no support from the government.

In the same midst, we meet Mwanajuma Said, a mother of seven children, where 4 of them were born disabled, she claims that her husband’s family branded the kids as a bad omen and a curse to the family and the mother-in-law advised her to kill the children to cleanse her house.

Two men were involved in a road accident 5-6 years ago respectively, but since then they have been living in misery, and they cry they have directed it to the county and the national government to intervene and help them.

Thomas Tabu who is a resident says that the Kilifi County government has not in any way helped people living with disabilities and is asking for intervention from the national government.

Yesterday, Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris pledged that her and the Azimio government if elected into office will continue addressing some of the challenges dogging the PLWDs. Speaking while distributing essential wheel chairs to the vulnerable the woman representative stated that disability is not inability.