The violence that rocked the cord demos yesterday in Nairobi and Kisumu has continued to elicit debate.

Police were captured on video brutalizing the protesters and some were left nursing serious injuries.
One activist may have borne the most of that violent end of the demonstration. He was left with a gaping wound on his head and was later admitted at the Nairobi Hospital.
A protester who could not be immediately identified has since succumbed to injuries inflicted by police officers.
Others were lucky to escape with minor bruises if not swollen limbs after police beatings.

The police say some of the protest started looting prompting them to use force.

By the time of going on air, the Head of Police Communication Unit George Kinoti had told Ebru Television that the police would address themselves to the incidents in media briefing at the department of criminal investigations later today.
Kinoti also denied that live bullets were used in dispersing the protest outside Anniversary Towers.

protesters trying to get away from the police
protesters trying to get away from the police

This is after conflicting reports said that a live bullet had hit the windscreen of a car belonging to opposition leader Raila Odinga.
The police are accusing the CORD protesters of not keeping with the terms of peaceful demonstrations every time they hold anti-IEBC demos.

The opposition has vowed to continue holding protests every Monday until the IEBC commissioners give in to pressure and resign.