President scrapes off visa for Mozambicans visiting Kenya

President scrapes off visa for Mozambicans visiting Kenya

President Kenyatta has announced that Mozambicans visiting Kenya will no longer require a visa.

The head of state in his address during a tour at Maputo in Mozambique declared the move is aimed at harnessing international cooperation between the two nations.

The head of state Uhuru Kenyatta in his visit to the Sister Nation hosted for him and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta by President Filipe Nyusi and the First Lady of Mozambique, Isaura Nyusi, at the Ponta Vermelha Palace in Maputo, scrapped off the visa requirement saying the move targets to boost integration and free movement.

During his inauguration for a second term in office, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that Africans apart from those from EAC countries wishing to visit Kenya will be eligible to receive a visa on arrival. However, Mozambique which is not part of EAC can now smile after was lifted.

According to Kenyatta the directive is meant to enhance trade, security, and intercontinental travel. Kenya already had one of the more straightforward online processes for short-term visas.

During the last AU summit at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, President Uhuru Kenyatta joined fellow leaders where they discussed quite a number of reforms and moves towards a free trade area.

According to Kenyatta his administration will continue to enhance cooperation between the two countries, Mozambique and Kenya

The President observed that the people of Kenya and Mozambique were bound together by a common culture and ancestry.

During Kenyatta’s visit he was handed the key of Maputo city, the highest honour a city’s administration can accord a visitor. Also Kenyatta held bilateral talks with Mozambique National Assembly speaker Veronica Nataniel.

Earlier on the President laid a wreath of at the Memorial Heroes Square which honours leading figures in Mozambique liberation Movement including Edwardo Mondlane and Samora Machel.