Celebrities in Kenya have been beefing since time immemorial. However, the bone of contention sometimes get overtaken by events and people forget about it or the feuding parties opt to bury the hatchet. Some even end up working together. This is however not the case when it comes to Jaguar and Prezzo. The two celebrities have refused to make peace. Every time Kenyans think the dust has settled, something pops up and the verbal strife continues. The beef between these two is far from over.

This war of words commenced years and years back. Just when we thought the feuding artistes were over the issue, Prezzo emerged and threw shade at Jaguar; shade like never before heard in Kenya and the entire East African region.

The recently engaged rapper and one of the casts of Nairobi Diaries was a guest at Ebru TV’s Tonight Live with Dr. Ofweneke and was asked his two cents on Jaguar calling him a Nairobi Diaries socialite on Twitter. His response came off as arrogant or insolent but so hilarious. The response has without a shadow of doubt earned Prezzo the title of ‘the shadiest celebrity in Kenya’. The funniest part of the entire scene was how calm and collected he was while firing the shots. To twist the knife further into Jaguar’s stab wound, Prezzo baptized him with a new name. The name stems from Jaguar’s new track ‘Going Nowhere’ which featured South African group Mafikizolo.

Jaguar was not the only thing Prezzo talked about on the show. He touched on his new song with Bamboo, his experience meeting Jay Z and Kanye West and when he was asked who the biggest rapper in Kenya is, he gave a very interesting answer.

Check out Prezzo’s interview with Dr. Ofweneke below.



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