Python escapes from Meru National Museum

Python escapes from Meru National Museum

There was panic, drama, and excitement in Meru Town on Wednesday after a python snaked its way out of the Meru National Museum.

The 16-foot African Rock Python escaped from its sanctuary on Tuesday night and made its way to the town. Kenya National Museum officials discovered the nonvenomous snake was missing on Wednesday morning and promptly launched a search.

According to reports, area residents scampered to safety after news broke that the giant snake had entered the town.

However, their panic turned into excitement after the experts recaptured the snake in a kiosk a few meters from the museum.

Curious onlookers flocked the scene to witness the rare spectacle and business was momentarily brought to a standstill.

Meru Museum curator Mr Cornelius Njeru reassured residents that it was the only snake that had escaped.

“We have captured the snake which had sneaked out of the museum last night after little showers were experienced.

We are telling the public not to panic because it was the only snake that had sneaked out but we found it safe inside a kiosk,’’ he said.

He noted that animals sneaking out of museums is a normal occurence.

source: Nairobi Wire