Raila is a product of corruption: Ruto Says

Raila is a product of corruption: Ruto Says

Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate of the Azimio la Umoja party, has been accused by Deputy  President William Ruto of being disingenuous in his anti-corruption agenda.

DP Ruto called Mr Odinga’s promise to tackle corruption “ridiculous,” given that he is the country’s greatest benefactor of it.
“How do you intend to combat corruption?” “You are the largest benefactor of corruption in Kenya, and the money you’re spending on the campaign is stolen from Kenyans,” he claimed.

Raila is a product of corruption: Ruto Says
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Ruto also went ahead to tell Mr. Odinga that he should keep his name out of his campaign rallies and instead sell his agenda to Kenyans

Ironically, Ruto has slammed Raila on every campaign platform, referring to him as “mtu ya kitendawili.”
Raila allegedly sabotaged the Big Four Agenda, according to the DP.
“Don’t hold it against us if Kenya Kwanza wins the election.” “It’ll be because you didn’t have any other agenda than Ruto,” the DP explained.
Ruto stated that the Kenya Kwanza team will win the election by a large margin since their opponents do not have a strategy for Kenyans.
“Your agenda has been William Ruto this William Ruto that from dawn to evening,” he added.
Musalia Mudavadi, the ANC’s leader, and a slew of hopefuls for Wajir’s several seats were among those who attended the event.

The UDA head slammed the ODM leader for his anticorruption stance, accusing him of making promises he didn’t keep.

Residents should not believe the former Prime Minister when he says he would combat corruption, according to Ruto.

“How on earth is he going to fight corruption when he is the largest beneficiary?” The money he’s using to campaign is stolen and extorted from governors, according to the DP.