Red Cross estimates 100 dead due to the floods

Red Cross estimates 100 dead due to the floods

At least 100 people have died following flooding and mudslides across Kenya in April. An estimated 200,000 people have been rendered homeless even as rescue process by aid groups slows down due to poor conditions in refugee camps, fearing cholera outbreak. Jasmine mercy with the report.

The meteorological department early last month released a report indicating that the country was going to experience heavy rainfall in several regions of the country including central highlands, Nairobi, Western, South Rift, Northeast and Southeastern Kenya …and in less than a month the floods crisis continue to cause immense destruction countrywide…

According to Abbas Gulet, The Secretary General of The Kenya Red Cross, floods should be declared a national disaster, this to help mobilize resources needed by the rescue teams. Urging the government to avail a disaster management fund set up.

In Kilifi County the number of floods victims is feared to be 18,000 as the Kenya Red cross survey indicates. This is after River Sabaki, which stretches from Athi River, broke its banks following the ongoing rains.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi joining the rescue team whereby about 3000 people in Kakuyuni, Garashi and Sabaki wards are already homeless.

With many roads cut off, rescuers had to lift to airlift more than 300 people to safety amid the flooding in Nairobi. Several dams also in danger of overflowing as water levels continue to rise and official fear even worse damage downstream if that happens.

Other places hardly hit by the floods include Nyando region in Nyanza and Murang`a County where mudsling has rendered many homeless and being urged to evacuate to safer places.