Rick Ross slams Kenyan fan over alleged list of demands

Rick Ross slams Kenyan fan over alleged list of demands

American rapper Rick Ross has blasted his Kenyan fans on social media over an outrageous list of demands that he allegedly made to organizers of his upcoming concert in Kenya.

Rick Ross is set to perform at a high end party in the capital Nairobi on 28th April.

A list went viral on social media, published by entertainment blogs revealing the alleged  demands that were made by Rapper Rick Ross’ management ahead of the concert.

Among the demands in the list is 30 round trip air tickets, including 10 first class tickets, a helicopter to facilitate travel during interview appearances and transportation to the concert venue for the ‘Boss’.

The rapper is also said to have asked for 3500 bottles of his premium Luc Belaire brand champagne, 1500 fresh towels and 200 bottles of lemon flavored water.

This, in addition to reservation of three floors of a five star hotel with a round the clock services of a butler and a personal chef.

The management of the artist are also supposed to have requested for two major roads in the capital to be closed off for the concert, which angered Kenyans the most.

The list that goes on and on has irked so many fans on social media who went as far as contacting Rick Ross on social media, asking him to explain the demands.

One such fan got a scathing reply from the rapper:

The main organisers of the party, NRG Wave, have since issued a statement, discrediting the list, which they say misrepresents the terms of the contract signed with the American superstar.

‘‘The article misrepresents the terms of the contract we signed with the Boss’ management team,’‘ read part of the statement.