Russia accuses Ukraine of border attack

Russia accuses Ukraine of border attack

Russian investigators say that Ukraine carried out airstrikes on a residential area in Russia earlier today.

Officials say two low-flying military helicopters equipped with heavy arms attacked the town of Klimovo, injuring seven people including a child and damaging six houses.

Reports of the attack – which haS not been independently verified – came after Moscow announced it would bomb targets in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine if Ukrainian forces continued to attack its territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for the diversification of Russia’s energy exports towards Asia.

Putin warned that European countries were destabilising the market by moving away from Russian gas and oil. “Attempts to push out Russian suppliers, replace our energy resources with alternative deliveries, will inevitably affect the whole global economy,” he said.

Speaking earlier today, he said Russia would shift the direction of its exports “step by step” to the “fast-growing markets of the south and east”.

Last year, soaring prices meant oil and gas revenues accounted for 36% of Russia’s government spending.

Much of that income comes from the European Union, which imports about 40% of its gas and 27% of its oil from the country.