Ruto Offered Raila Deputy President if Uhuru was Impeached

Mr Raila Odinga and his ODM associates were offered half of all senior government positions in exchange for helping the DP depose President Kenyatta soon after the 2017 elections, a key confidante of Mr Odinga revealed to the Nation in an interview that could dramatically escalate the hostility between Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto.

Mr Junet Mohamed, who is also the national coordinator for the Azimio La Umoja coalition, said in the interview that he was part of the delegation that met with DP Ruto to discuss the impeachment suggestions.

Ruto Offered Raila Deputy President if Uhuru was Impeached
Rail and Ruto

He goes on to say that during the negotiations, Mr Odinga was offered the role of Deputy President, with Ruto taking over as the country’s leader in the post-Kenyatta era in 2018.

His shocking comments came only a day after Mr Odinga dismissed allegations made by the DP that he plotted President Kenyatta’s demise.

Mr Mohamed argues that the coup attempt, which he claims was hatched by the DP, would have resulted in the President being pushed out of office just days into his second term.

If the incumbent is removed from office, the Deputy President takes over as President for the duration of the term, according to the Constitution.

Mr Mohamed believes Mr Ruto contacted them to assist in neutralizing Mr Kenyatta, whom he believed was already betraying him. The conspiracy began as soon as the President was re-elected in 2017, but was unexpectedly delayed by the Supreme Court’s voiding of his win on the grounds that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission did not follow the constitution while presiding over the polls.