Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi Sets The Record Straight About The Band’s Split

Kenya’s award-winning boy band Sauti Sol recently sparked speculation with a somewhat ambiguous announcement hinting at a potential breakup.

The group stated that they were embarking on their final global tour before taking a collective break, as each of the four members expressed a desire to pursue individual endeavors.

This declaration, which preceded Sauti Sol’s tour to the United States and Europe, left fans uncertain about the future of the beloved band. The situation was further exacerbated by the ongoing release of solo projects, particularly by lead singer Bien and Savara Mudigi, two of the band’s four members.

Nevertheless, Mudigi has now stepped forward to alleviate fans’ concerns by clarifying that the band is simply going on a hiatus, a common occurrence among successful bands worldwide.

During an interview with Content Creator Eve Mungai, Mudigi explained that Sauti Sol’s members have collectively decided to take a break from the group and focus on individual projects, emphasizing that this does not signify the end of the band.

“Sauti Sol is still there. We are building other things, we are building legacies. There is so much that will be done, so msiogope (don’t panic), we are still there,” Mudigi said.

He added: “It’s been a long time tumefanya muziki pamoja, may be imefika time tupatie fans a little bit of break. We’ve been in your faces for so long. We have to give a chance to other artists to blossom.” 

In their official statement, Sauti Sol emphasized the unbreakable bond they share, affirming, “While we take this indefinite hiatus to pursue individual and collective passions, we remain committed to our friendship and shared business.”