Hundreds of youth in Madogo, Tana River County took to the streets to demand against lack of ID cards. The over 500 youth while waving placards and banners blocked the busy Garissa-Nairobi road paralyzing transport for 2 hours.They said that lack of ID cards had greatly inconvenienced them on many aspects.

Sadam Hassan Chura, a local youth leader said that he has been waiting for the document for the last two years.

He says that lack of an ID has rendered him stateless since he could no longer travel, open a bank account, enroll for further studies or even secure any legal employment.

Shukri Ibrahim, 23, who competed his secondary education in 2009 says that the government is discriminating against them on issuance of ID cards.

He claimed that the registration office has become partisan and overtaken by politicians who only push ID cards for their backyards.

Shukri says they have youth groups but cannot access loans since an ID card is a requirement for account opening.

When contacted on phone, Tana River county registrar of persons Benson Kwendo said those with issues should go to the nearest registration office so that their waiting cards can be verified.

He further urged the youth to list down the names of all those affected and forward the same to his office after which he said he would inquire from the production center.