Thousands Flee To Uganda Amid Rebel Group Clashes

Thousands Flee To Uganda Amid Rebel Group Clashes

Clashes along the Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern border have Thousands Flee To Uganda Amid Rebel Group Clashes. Ugandan forces have deployed along the border after reports that M23 rebels attacked military positions Sunday night.

Neema, a DRC refugee says in the absence of WFP food aid she feels her family of 8 children is buried alive.

Sounding exhausted and desperate, Anglique Wabareka tells VOA on the phone she spent the night on the run after clashes between rebel forces broke out in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pitching camp at a police post across the Ugandan border, Wabareka says she was able to escape with her three children.

“I entered the house to get my children something to eat. That’s when I heard gunshots and we started to run. People are dying. I couldn’t carry any belongings because of the heavy gunfire,” she said.

Mumbere Habimana says many people were injured in the fighting. He says he saw one person get killed.

“There’s heavy fighting,” he says. “We are fleeing but we don’t even know who is making us flee. I left my house with nothing. I don’t even have money. And now I don’t even know where I’m going to stay.”

Natukunda Primrose, Kisoro district manager for the Ugandan Red Cross, says the number of people who’ve crossed into Uganda has surpassed 10,000.

“Most of them are still at the border. Then just a few are at the transit center,” Natukunda said. “Right now, we are passing on messages to them, for those who are ready to go to the transit center.”

In a statement to journalists, a spokesman for the governor of North Kivu province said that on the nights of March 27 and 28, M23 rebels, supported by Rwandan soldiers, carried out incursions and attacks against positions of the Congolese army in the towns of Tchanzu and Runyonyi.


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