Two houses torched in Narok and Kisii border clashes

The never ending border clashes at Olmelil border between the Narok and Kisii counties has resurfaced again with several houses being burnt on the eve of Thursday.Apart from the torching of several houses the youth from both the Kipsigis and Kisii counties started engaging each other in a physical battle that saw local authorities intervene.

The tag of war between the two warring communities being a border dispute and cattle-rustling issues. Issues that have seen the two communities destabilize the peace of the Lime border .

Just last year 200 people were displaced and scores injured, this attributed to the same clashes that even saw county government officials from both counties call for constraint from the two communities.

A persons suspected to have been among those who torched the two houses on Thursday has since been arrested and is been held at the Ramasha Police Station as interrogations continue.

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