Unlock your liquidity through tokenization with Aziri

  • Aziri is a platform that helps businesses create asset-backed security tokens on the blockchain, automate compliance, and allocate the tokens to eligible investors
  • They ensure digital assets in custody are safe against any attacks and help with the effective management of daily token operations.

Aziri today officially launched an asset tokenization platform at The Social House in Nairobi. Tokenized security is a digital representation of traditional security with the purpose of broadening its market reach and enhancing market liquidity. Tokenization has transformed the fundamental approaches to investing and raising funds.

The arrival of blockchain technology has brought the world closer to the dream of a cashless society, and slowly, assets are also being represented digitally. This is where tokenization comes into the picture. Digital business models are bringing in physical goods as well as non-fungible assets, represented in the form of tokens on blockchain.

The tokenization of physical assets brings a range of benefits to market participants. In some industries such as real estate, tokenization allows fractional ownership. An asset is broken down into smaller units, representing ownership, encouraging the democratization of investment in historically illiquid assets, therefore allowing the company to reach a broader investor base. Financial institutions are able to provide new types of assets to their clients and raise more capital.

Speaking in Nairobi during the official launch of the platform, co-founder of Aziri, Elvin Lari, said Aziri ensures the investors’ tokens are stored safely using the latest security technology. Digital assets in custody are protected during transfer to/from counterparties, and from any unauthorized transfer.

L -R Karina Rami (Founder) Elvin Lari (Co-Founder) and Benard Kinara at the official launch of Aziri

Aziri helps businesses easily manage day-to-day token operations including minting, burning, whitelisting, and transfer. It also allows investors to monitor transactions, track and manage asset portfolios, and receive project updates.

‘Tokenization will improve the ability to manage asset-liability risk through accelerated transactions and improved transparency. You can tokenize any type of asset with Aziri, including real estate, equity, debt, fund, energy, and natural resources,’ Said Elvin.