The thought of saving does not evoke good feelings when you think about all the good but unnecessary things you will buy with that all that money (unnecessary because after some time you will realize that you never needed them). Most people do not understand why it is important to save because they do not have their sight set on the long term impact. With saving, the most important thing to have is discipline. Below are some tips to get you saving;

  1. Make a budget. Having a budget is the best way to organize your money. It will also help you prioritize. It is important to know what expenses should come first and how much money they consume.
    Ensure that you budget and prioritize the most important items
    Ensure that you budget and prioritize the most important items

    Ensure that you follow your budget to the last number. This way you plan on rent and other house expenses, cash for personal items and also the amount of money you can save. So sit down and draw a budget.

  2. Plan on saving money. Everything starts with a plan. Drum it into your head that you need to start saving and remind yourself of the importance of saving. Constantly remind yourself that instead of spending cash on unnecessary items and watch it go with the wind, you can save it and watch it grow.
  3. Save the coins and lose change that you get. With coins in your purse or pocket, you will always be tempted to purchase small things along the road. If you end up with one hundred shillings worth of coins daily and decide to save seventy shillings of the total, you will end up 490 shillings and 14,700 shillings per month. That is a good amount in savings. Also any bonus you get at work or in your business should end up in your savings account. If it is too hard and tempting to save coins in a jar forget the embarrassment and buy a piggy bank.

    Saving coins might actually surprise you in the end. Try it.
    Saving coins might actually surprise you in the end. Try it.
  4. Record your expenses. This will help you in keeping track of all the items you purchase and how much money you spend on them. You will also get to realize that there are some things you spend money on that are not important or that you could do without. Once you get to know the unnecessary things you spend money on, cut them off completely and save the cash.
  5. Open a savings account. This is pretty much self explanatory. Walk to a bank and open a savings account. It has actually been made easier with mobile banking. You can now open a savings account on your phone from the comfort of your home. It is not that tasking.

Remember discipline, discipline and more discipline. Financial security in employment and business is not always guaranteed. Rainy days come and those who have money in savings account have something to fall back on. So start saving, now.

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