Willis Raburu Joins Sakaja’s Office for a fresh career venture

Willis Raburu Joins Sakaja’s Office for a fresh career venture

Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has announced that he secured a new position in the office of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja. Speaking during an interview on Phil Director’s podcast, the bubbly media personality briefly discussed his responsibilities within the Governor’s office and also outlined his future plans.

In the podcast, Raburu defined himself as a strategist and consultant, suggesting that he would engage in diverse projects both for the governor’s office and other companies. He conveyed his enthusiasm for this fresh opportunity while weighing his choices, which might include a potential comeback to the screen, acknowledging the expanding prospects in the digital domain.

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According to a close source who revealed to Nairobi News, Raburu has been appointed as the Communications Director for Sakaja, wherein his role will involve overseeing press relations and establishing connections with media representatives and influencers.

Additionally, Raburu will be entrusted with the responsibility of leading a team of talented experts in communication, marketing, and design.

The father of two recalled the journey and experiences he had while at his former work place at Royal Media Services. Raburu reminisced being bashed when he changed his normal hairstyle of a clean shaved cut to rocking dreadlocks as he hosted the 10 over 10 show.


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He added that some individuals within the work place expressed the desire to see him dismissed solely because of his dreadlocks. He revealed that they went to the extent of requesting the chairman of Royal Media Services, SK Macharia, to terminate his employment due to this reason.

“I like my boss, Mr chairman. One day I met him in the corridors of Royal Media Services, and he looked at me and told me ‘aah you know people are telling me to fire you for having dreadlocks’ and he said, ‘aren’t you working and delivering? Endelea na kazi’. Once he said that, I knew no one would tell me anything,” he said.


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The vibrant celebrity mentioned that some individuals, including close friends and family members, had reservations about his hairstyle, and it took them some time to comprehend the reasons behind his decision.

Fortunately, Raburu shared that he managed to secure gigs despite his hairstyle, and he maintained it for a duration of two years before finally deciding to cut them.

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